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  1. Transform The Home Flooring

    Laminated Vs Reclaimed Wood

    Something that many people decide to do is pull up the old carpet, throw out the underlay, and install some shiny new laminate flooring. It looks great in a contemporary styled home, it’s easy to keep clean, and it can add that light and airy look to your chosen space. But is there a different way?

    Reclaimed wood is fast becoming a popular option amongst decor enthusiasts and with good reason. Granted, it will cost you a little more than fresh laminate, but the character and unique look can be well worth the extra effort. If you want something a little different that gives your decor that authentic country-inspired touch, reclaimed wood could be worth a closer look.


    Rugs Vs Carpets 

    If you love your carpet then leave it be and think about other ways you can transform your floor. This is where rugs come in, and they’re not just for those of you looking to add some warmth to your bare wooden floors.

    Picture your rug like wall art for the floor, and you’ll soon approach browsing and shopping in a completely different way. Find something that either complements the footprint of your coffee table or will look good pushed right up against the fireplace. The choice is yours, and once you find the right fit for your space you’ll know it.


    Neutral Vs Making a Statement 

    Wooden floors come in every shade from the lightest of light to the darkest of the dark, and carpets do the same thing but in a far broader range of base colours. Reclaimed wood can look great when it’s dark because it will really allow you to make a statement.

    If you opt for carpet and want that warm and cosy look, then a light neutral beige is a great way to go. It’ll add a homely touch to the living room, and it’ll set the scene for the rest of your decor to come to life.

    The final thing is perhaps the most important because it’s what allows us to continue finding new and exciting designs. If you end up always doing the same thing over and over, then your ideas will soon grow stale. Looking for inspiration in everything you do is a great way to find new ideas that will take the creative process in a new and exciting direction. It’s something we swear by, and it’s something that could help breathe new life into your decor too. 

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  2. Best Blinds For A Cosy Night In

    Rustic Charm - Patterned Blinds

    Transforming your living room into a rustic haven is a sure-fire way of creating a welcoming and natural space this winter. One way to achieve this is through patterned blinds. By opting for rural patterns such as stags and tartan for your blinds, you can add character to your living room without losing its natural charm.

    A big part of rustic interiors is minimalism, so by choosing a patterned blind and keeping your accessories small and natural in texture, you can create a focal point and boost your room’s snug and inviting ambience. 

    Hygge Hug

    The Danish word ‘hygge’ defines that special feeling or moment which creates happiness, comfort and familiarity. In interior design, this means creating a cosy, intimate and reassuring space in which a person can feel at home. Using natural wooden blinds is a great way to encourage your guests to relax and unwind inside your home. Snuggle up with a soft, thick blanket and a soothing hot chocolate underneath the shelter of your blind and relish in your comfort. Discover more ways of creating hygge inside your home here.

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  3. Change Your Attitude Towards Cleaning WithThese Top Tips

    An untidy home, however, can lead to a messy and stressed mind. In fact, a recent survey* we carried out revealed that 68% of people in the UK feel anxious when their house is untidy. The study also discovered that our messy habits are taking their toll on our relationships, with one in five admitting that they argue with their partner about cleaning and domestic chores at least once a day.

     To find out just how much of an impact it can have on us, we spoke to Sally Baker, senior therapist at working on the body who believes that tackling your household chores with simple steps and realistic goals can help avoid stress and anxiety. Sally revealed a tip or two to the team here at #Blinds, on how to tackle a messy home:

    With that in mind, we’ve created a time management guide to help you clean as you go. Using some trusty advice from Paul Morris, founder of the hygiene specialist and master these tips will help you tackle that overbearing weekend clean so you can power through and get on with enjoying all your favourite things.

    Though toilets are often deemed to be the dirtiest part of the house, they aren’t as filthy as you may think. The ceramic surface makes them really easy to clean so scrubbing your toilet once a week with bleach or disinfectant in the bowl is enough to keep good hygiene levels. Just be sure to put the lid down before you flush - to avoid contaminating the entire bathroom (not even your toothbrush is safe!)

    Cleaning your kitchen surface as you go, before and after using it, will help reduce a huge workload in the long run. Simply spray with disinfectant to kill any nasty bacteria, both before and after preparing a meal. Cooking and cleaning: two birds, one stone.

    Cleaning your kitchen cupboards is often thought of as the most time-consuming task in the house. Thankfully, we recommend that once every six months is enough due to it being a marginal risk area. However, if you spill food in your cupboard, this will need to be wiped away and disinfected as soon as possible.

    Everyone loves the warmth and comfort of a carpet, but you must remember that they harbour a lot of bacteria. Not only that - they are often home to other nasties such as dust mites which can cause asthma. Our advice is to vacuum regularly and to take off your outdoor shoes before walking on your carpet.

    Paul recommends that you wash your bedding above 60 degrees to kill any bacteria: “an important consideration people forget is to wash above 60 degrees to kill any bacteria.” Unless you sweat a lot at night or enjoy sleeping in the nude, once a week at 60 degrees is appropriate - and isn’t too time-consuming. To lessen the need to change your sheets as often, a mattress protector is advised.

    Again, a quick clean of your ceramic sink is a good way to chip away at chores throughout the week. The plug area can be an unseen danger and hotspot for bacteria and dirt: one that can be easily combated with permanent antimicrobial protection.

    You may be surprised to learn that both light switches and TV remote controls are amongst the filthiest surfaces in the average household. By giving them a quick wipe once a week you’ll reduce risks of bacterial contamination by a significant amount - a simple way to keep your home hygienic.

    It may not be the most exciting way to spend your free time, but you can make cleaning a little more enjoyable by turning up your favourite playlist and getting your family, partner or flatmate on board to help you tackle the chores. Your home should be enjoyed so don’t be a slave to cleaning, just try to focus on key areas and clean as you go along to keep your home in tip-top condition  

     For those feeling overwhelmed at the thought of a deep-clean, Sally advises: “As you work your way through your home, acknowledge the difference you have made and how much you have achieved. People are often poor at recognising the progress and achievements they make so make a point of really acknowledging your efforts, take regular breaks and don’t try to do everything in one day.”

     These few steps on how to be time-conscious towards your tidying can really make a positive change in your daily routine, making cleaning less of a strain on your free time and on your attitude. Don’t overload yourself with the foreboding smeared mirror or the thick haze of a dusty shelf - purely focus on the important parts: do what you can, when you can.  

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    Make Organising Fun

    When you want your kids to do something it really does pay to make it fun. If you’re reading this then you’ll have probably lost all hope of them ever tidying up of their own volition, so why not make it fun for them? 

    Get a few lever arch files and filing boxes and then decorate them with wrapping paper and stickers so that they look amazing. That way the kids will associate tidying up with something fun, and you’ll be able to look at a few stylish containers rather than toys and magazines strewn everywhere!


    Wicker Hampers are Great Storage Options

    The great thing about wicker hampers is they are lightweight and easy to move, but still strong enough to store just about anything. You could get a small upright one for dirty laundry, a larger one to put at the foot of the bed or under the window for toys, and a couple of low profile hampers under the bed to keep things nice and tidy. You could even paint them so that they match the style of the room!


    Make a Pin Board

    Sometimes its nice to be able to see the walls you so lovingly painted just a few years ago that have since been buried under posters and stickers. By making a custom pin board that none of their friends will have you can give your kids a cool place to put photos, mementoes, and anything else they want to proudly display.

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    Roller Blinds

    Do Bathroom Blinds Need to be Waterproof?

    The common idea about bathroom blinds is that they need to be waterproof, but that’s not the full story. At  #Blinds, we know what matters when it comes to keeping your home looking its best, which is why we’ve invested heavily in anti-mould PVC fabrics.

    Bathrooms are always a little bit damp in the air when you’ve enjoyed a long relaxing soak in the bath, and there’s no getting away from that. That’s why we use waterproof mould-resistant fabrics that don’t take on any moisture so that mould never gets the chance to form. Just what you need when you want to keep your brand new bathroom looking its best for years to come.

    Take a Look at Our Colour Ranges.

    Every bathroom used to be aqua blue, and whilst we love that kind of colour, we know that you want more from your decor than ever before. Take a look at a few of our colour range ideas below to give yourself plenty of food for thought.

    How Bathroom Blinds Provide Privacy? 

    We’re proud that our blinds don’t just look great; they work great too. That means when you want to relax in the bath and never feel like you’re overlooked, all you need to do is lower your brand new bathroom blinds and let them do the rest. Exactly what you need for that all-important peace of mind.

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    Choosing a polka-dot patterned blind can brighten and energise even the dullest of rooms. Ideal for a kitchen or nursery, polka-dots offer a pop of colour without being overwhelming. They can create a warm atmosphere in winter or summer. With a crisp cream base, choose from the vibrant splashes of primrose yellow and flamingo pink and make it the main attraction of the room or opt for subtle, pastel hues to create a cheery and comforting ambience.


    Stripes are a versatile and diverse pattern which can inject energy into a space or create a laid-back haven. Opt for a lively, modern patterned Venetian Blinds for your home office to motivate and inspire. Or choose a subtle combination of two or three different tones which work together to create an inviting and vibrant atmosphere, ideal for a living room or kitchen as hubs of the home.


    Floral patterns suit any style of home, from natural hues and realistic designs for a traditional feel or bold and abstract prints for modern and contemporary furnishing. Ideal for a living room or dining room, choose soft grey patterned roller blinds, which effortlessly blend into the surroundings or make a statement with a contrasting navy blue and mustard yellow combination. Floral patterns can brighten up any space, giving it a light and airy atmosphere and allowing natural light to shine through.


    Animal prints are a fun and cheerful way to brighten up your space and create a light and vibrant setting. Available in a wide variety of characters, animal pattern blinds are suitable for any room in the house. Use a bird pattern in your kitchen or dining room to add a contemporary twist to a rural space, or add adventure to your child’s bedroom with a selection of funky zoo animals. For a more adult look, opt for a wildlife pattern with a tropical theme to add some exotic flair to your kitchen or living room.


    Geometric patterned blinds are perfect for a modern home. Sharp, angular features against a white backdrop can create a big impact in your home. Match your bathroom or guestroom with a hexagon print for an energetic and fresh environment or select a hypnotic, triangle patterning to add a burst of colour to your kitchen.

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  7. How To Transform Your House In 48 Hours

    Bring the outside in

    The vibrancy, colour and beauty of nature will instil a feeling of tranquillity in any space. A splash of green can go a long way to brightening up the house - spread them throughout a space to add colourful accents and brilliant hues to your interior. Completely on-trend, a refreshing hint of greenery is also Pantone's colours of the year for 2019. Potted plants and flowers are inexpensive and widely available, so you can transform your home quickly and without breaking the bank. 

    Capture light

    A little extra natural light can re-energize any room in your home - make sure you capture and utilise it as much as you can. Make the most of the sunshine coming through your windows, even if your home isn’t a natural sun trap. Add mirrored surfaces and glass fixtures to reflect sunbeams, and introduce extra lights and lamps to illuminate your rooms. For natural brightness, use white wooden blinds to maximise and brighten the light coming through your window.

    Refresh and reuse

    Get creative and give your tired furniture a new lease of life with some good old-fashioned DIY. Don’t be too hasty throwing out your older items - a little TLC combined with savvy crafting know-how can reinvigorate your living space. Whether your furniture needs a lick of paint or a simple repair, you can recreate and repurpose your furniture - all without the expensive hassle of replacing them.

    Colour pop

    An injection of colour can make a room feel like a brand new space. But you don’t have to re-decorate to completely change the look and feel of a room. Add some colour in whatever way you like, without it getting too expensive. Go big and liven up a room with a painted feature wall, or take small steps and introduce bright rugs, throws and cushions to revive your living space.


    A lot can be said for small additions. Accessorising is a low cost and fun way to update any room. Whether you opt for soft furnishings such as rugs and throws or choose a decorative vase, candles or photo frames – there are plenty of options for a cheap and easy update. These final touches, although small, can make a whole room feel new. So avoid splashing out all in one go and gradually introduce small accessories to your home for a new, updated feel.

    Whether you need to refresh just one room or reinvigorate your whole home, use our simple update tips to update your home’s interior - without sacrificing all of your time and money. 

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  8. How To Transform Your Family Home

    Soften Your Lighting With Warm White Lights

    Bright overhead lights might look great in the modern fitted kitchen, but if you want to relax together in the living room then they’re not such a great idea. When you head into the lounge you’re putting your feet up, you’re chilling out, and you’re making memories together. Warm white lights allow you to add that cosy and homely atmosphere that you’ve always wanted. Opt for lamps and tea lights rather than overhead lighting in the evening and you’ll all feel that little bit more snug.

    Blankets and Cushions Make Things Cosy

    There’s nothing like cuddling up with a blanket and lounging back with the help from a few plush cushions is there? If you want everyone to feel at home the moment they come through the door, then you need to find a way to keep your blankets and cushions on display. It might not sound like a big issue, but if you keep everything stored in the spare room, then all that great comfy stuff will be out of sight, and out of mind.

    Hang a blanket on the back of the couch, and disperse the scatter cushions all over the place and you’ll notice the difference straight away.

    Family Photos are Better Than Any Artwork

    By all means, keep your artwork up, but make sure you have plenty of wall space for your family photos. A gallery wall behind the TV and a couple of photo albums on the coffee table would be a great way to add those personal touches to the living room.

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  9. Bathroom blind ideas for your home.

    Bathroom Roller blinds

    You might not think of a bathroom as the place to make a statement. But the smallest room of the house is actually the perfect setting to let your imagination run wild. Like we have in this whimsical bathroom. Of course, your Roller blind choice doesn’t have to be quite so bold. We’ve a cracking range of water-resistant and PVC fabrics in neutral shades that will protect your modesty and stand up to the steamy conditions.

    Bathroom Sherwood blinds

    Sherwood blinds are brilliantly practical for bathrooms. They have all the look of gorgeous wood without any of the upkeep (and let’s face it, real wood and water have never been best friends). Luckily, Sherwood bathroom blinds are warp-resistant, so even your lengthy showers can’t spoil them. Top tip – when cleaning your Sherwood blinds, the best time is just after a shower. That way, the steam will help to loosen any stubborn stains, and you won’t need to dampen your cloth when wiping.

    Bathroom Vertical blinds

    Lots of our Roller blind fabrics are also available as Vertical blinds. Choosing a PVC Vertical blind is perfect for a bathroom, as not only do you enjoy the wipe-clean property of a Roller blind, but you can tilt the louvres for light and privacy control too. It’s great for ensuring the neighbours don’t get more than they bargained for!

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  10. 5 Reasons to Choose Roller blinds

    1. Brilliantly Simple

    There’s something about a Roller blind. In this bedroom, we’ve gone for a plain white fabric to let the wall art and furniture do the talking instead.

    2. Statement Maker

    On the other hand, Roller blinds make great features. This striking bathroom has all the more impact for that bang on-trend Flamingo Pink fabric. It’s impossible for your eyes not to be drawn there.

    3. Unadulterated View

    This coastal living room is cosied up by these botanical Rollers. But the beauty of a Roller is that you’ve got the best of both worlds. Roll it right up to the top and you've unadulterated view of the outdoors – and whether you’ve waves lapping or just a family garden out there, it’s lovely to let the light stream in.

    4. Easy to clean

    Roller blinds are super easy to clean too. As well as a special wipe-clean finish, all our Rollers are cleanable with a cloth. So they’re the perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms. And they won’t hold on to cooking smells.

    5. Go blackout

    Is there anything a Roller can’t do? Well, it can help you get a good night’s sleep too. Lots of our designs have a blackout coating on the reverse of the fabric, making them perfect for bedrooms and nurseries.

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